Samantha Speaks

Samantha Speaks

Description: SAMANTHA THORNHILL is an internationally traveled poet, educator, and curator from Trinidad & Tobago. She’s been invited to share her versatile works in a variety of contexts across the US, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean.


Project: Website Re-design, Personal/Portfolio

Launch: October 2015

Important: Look and Feel (Aesthetics & overall appearance)

CRM: Wordpress

Hosting: IX Web Hosting

Resources: HTML 5, CSS3


  • Royal Purple:  #590b74 | rgba (89, 11, 116)
  • Magenta: #aa148f
  • Dark Purple: #21022C | rgba (33, 2, 44)
  • Brown: #270E05 | rgba(39, 14, 5, 0.725)
  • Light Yellow: #FFFF6F


  • ‘Magra’, sans-serif;
  • ‘Waiting for the Sunrise’, sans-serif;

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